Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life

WP 7

Workpackage 7: New Service-based Architecture



Work package number WP 7 Start date or starting event: Month 1
Work package title New Service-based Architecture
Activity type20 RTD
Participant number 6            
Participant short name CU            
Person-months  perparticipant 58            




i) To replace the existing distributed model with a purpose-built service-based Architecture.

ii) To build the new Architecture around the ‘open ecosystem’ model in which all distributed components are implemented as open services, so that user or partner communities can integrate both low- and high-level services into their own e-Science communities.

iii) To build the new Architecture to reflect the recent enlargement and raised objectives of the Catalogue of Life community. This will include replication from one distributed hub to multiple distributed hubs, for the need for the enlarged concept to be managed by an overall management system, and for the management to become a 24/7 operation involving several sites around the world.  


Description of work (the system to be implemented under this new Architecture is here referred to as ‘e-2’:


Task 7.1

To assemble the requirements and specification for the new Architecture and the new implementation of the ‘e-2’ system.  

Task 7.2

To design the e-2 implementation with an open service-based architecture.  

Task 7.3

To establish common communication protocols, data model, and management framework suitable for e-2.  

Task 7.4

To implement as ‘proof-of-concept’ demonstration of the new e-2 architecture, with selected test and management tools.  

Task 7.5

To complete and install a test implementation for e-2 with three GSDs as test-beds.

Task 7.6

To respond to testing with an enhanced prototype for e-2  

Task 7.7

Continue to monitor the new architecture, and to assist the Systems Design Team.




M7.1 mth 22

e-2 Prototype handed to Software Services (WP 6) for development of production version.  




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