Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life

WP 6

Workpackage 6: Software Support Services


Work package number WP 6 Start date or starting event: Month 1
Work package title Software Support Services
Activity type SVC
Participant number 5 3 9 35      
Participant short name ETI MNHN VLIZ CRIA      
Person-months per participant 68 5 2 8      




To operate a software development service that provides and supports production-quality software for deployment across the Catalogue of Life networks. This service will include middleware and software for internal services among partners, as well as the software with which the external services are provided to the user communities.

i) Improvement of the existing software, such as that used in the production workflows for the Annual and Dynamic editions of the Catalogue of Life, to create a robust and sustainable infrastructure.

ii) Unification of the two workflows. Unification of the two workflows into a single workflow, an important internal improvement alongside other improvements for the project.

iii) Preliminary linkage of Multi-Hub connections. Test preliminary linkages to enable the N. American and Chinese regional hubs to be linked alongside the European regional hub, to provide a background test and prototype for the discussions and long-term specification being formulated in WP 4.

iv) Implementation of software enhancements needed for the array of new services being created and launched by the project, in two batches.

v) Introduction of the new e-2 infrastructure, by preparing a production version of the e-2 system that will have been researched and prototyped in WP 7. 


Description of work n.b. “(+doc)” = plus documentation:


i) Improvement of existing software (Specifications and test routines agreed with Systems Design Team)  

Task 6.0:

Establish development and documentation infrastructure, and test installation, plus preparation and production subcontract for the AC on CD, in co-operation with WP 5 task 5.6.  

Task 6.1:

Simple SPICE management interface: control caching, attachments, and re-starts (+doc).  

Task 6.2:

Improved wrapper development kit for SPICE (+doc)  

Task 6.3:

Improved user-interface for use with both Annual and Dynamic Checklist (+doc).  

Task 6.4:

Improved CoL metadatabase (+doc)  

Task 6.5:

GUI for graphical control of attachments (+doc)  

ii) Unification of existing workflows (Specifications & test routines agreed with Systems Design Team)  

Task 6.6:

Research, propose new base schema with Design Team and adopt it at a workshop (+doc).  

Task 6.7:

Alter AC software to use new base schema (including Philippines routines)  

Task 6.8:

Alter DC software to use new base schema  

Task 6.9:

Create & alpha test Quality Assurance Workbench (with editor, filter profiler and cache up-loader) (+doc)

Task 6.10:

Install QA Workbench (for beta test and then production unification)  

Task 6.11:

Version of QA Workbench for use as freestanding GSD Builder and/or GSD Editor (+doc)  

iii) Preliminary linkage of Multi-Hub connections (Specs. & test routines agreed with Syst. Design Team)  

Task 6.12:

Improve and test multi-sector wrapper and cache controls for regional hub attachment (+doc)  

Task 6.13:

Alter DC Interface to permit toggling and improved labelling when multiple hubs in use (+doc).  

iv) Software for new services  (Specifications & test routines agreed with Services Team)

Task 6.14:

Preliminary scoping and costing for all new services listed, prior to selection.  

Task 6.15:

Full scoping and costing for just those new services selected for implementation.  

Task 6.16:

Implement 1st batch of services for test (+doc).  

Task 6.17:

Implement 2nd batch of services for test (+doc).  

Task 6.18:

Respond to testing 1st batch, ready for launch  

Task 6.19:

Respond to testing 2nd batch, ready for launch  

v) Production version of e-2 infrastructure (Specs. & test routines agreed with SystemsDesign Team)  

Task 6.20:

Design and planning for production version of e-2 prototype provided by WP 7.  

Task 6.21:

Implement production version (+doc), including prioritised enhancements and responses to testing.


Deliverables (brief description) and month of delivery:


D6.1 mth 12

Improved management interfaces and streamlined production of the Catalogue of Life delivered for existing software, (Release 2, includes tasks 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.6, 6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 6.12 & 6.13). [39 PeM](D/PP)  

D6.2 mth 24

Altered software for both unified AC & DC processes, and improved synthesis of the Catalogue of   Life operational and installed, (Release 4, includes tasks 6.4, 6.5, 6.10 & 6.11). [13 PeM](D/PU)  

D6.3.mth 24

Software for new custom services prototyped and ready for test, (includes tasks 6.14 – 6.19). [25 PeM](D/RE)  

D6.4 mth 30

Production software for the new e-2 architecture fine-tuned and delivered, underpinning the virtual community, (includes tasks 6.20 & 6.21). [6 PeM](D/PU)




M6.1 Month 6

Base schema proposals ready for review and adoption by Systems Design Team (includes task 6.6).  

M6.2 Month 6

Release 1 of enhanced AC & DC Software  (includes tasks 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, & 6.12).  

M6.3 Month 11

Scoping and costing of services software available for Services Team (task 6.14).  

M6.4 Month 12

Unified software and Quality Assurance Workbench available for test at Secretariat  (task 6.10 beta test part).  

M6.5 Month 18

Release 3 of enhanced AC & DC Software  (includes tasks 6.4, 6.5, 6.10 production part).  

M6.6 Month 21

Software for 1st batch of services available for test by Services Team (tasks 6.15 & 6.16).  

M6.7 Month 24

Software for 2nd batch of services available for test by Services Team (task 6.17).  

M6.8 Month 34

Copies of all software components and documentation placed in the public software repository operated by the Secretariat.




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