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WP 4

Workpackage 4: Foresight study for geographical extension: the Global Multi-Hub Network

Work package number WP 4 Start date or starting event: Month 1
Work package title Foresight study for geographical extension: the Global Multi-Hub Network
Activity type20 COORD
Participant number 4 34 35 36 37 38  
Participant short name NARODNI CAS CRIA National Museum of Natural History CSIRO Landcare Research  
Person-months per participant 32 4 4 n/a n/a n/a  




i) To bring together for the first time leaders of the various international centres from around the world that have committed to create Regional Hubs in the Sp2000 Multi-Hub Network, so that they can work together in Networking, Discussion and Design.

ii) Foresight Study to report the Needs, Conceptualisation, Specification and subsequently the Design both for individual Regional Hubs, and for the Multi-Hub network as a whole.

iii) To carry out a limited amount of prototyping and testing to explore the concepts and design features agreed.

iv) Foresight Study to point the way for other potential regional hub centres, not yet part of the Multi-Hub Network, to form Regional Hubs and join the Network in future, with a view of eventually completing coverage of all continents and oceans, and of including centres from less-advantaged parts of the world in possible future projects.


Description of work (possibly broken down into tasks) and role of partners:


Task 4.1

Network consultation and workshop discussions among regional hub organisers: - to debate the Needs, Concepts and Specification for the Multi-Hub Network at both the taxonomic and the technical level, leading to a Preliminary Specification with outstanding issues highlighted. - to discuss building on the Preliminary Specification and the Pilot Projects leading to a firm Concept and Specification of the Multi-Hub Network. - to propose an institutional structure frot eh Multi-hub Network within Sp2000, and what structural changes may be needed. - to report on the Pilot Projects. - to prepare an outline plan for the extension of the Multi-Hub Network to cover the whole world, and to include new centres, some from less advantaged parts of the world.  

Task 4.2

A small number of possible Pilot Projects, depending on the partners resources: - for prototyping and testing based on the limited Multi-Hub Linkage tools available with the present SPICE system within Sp2000.


Deliverables (brief description) and month of delivery:


D4.1 mth 12

Report on preliminary concept, requirements and specifications for the Global Multi-Hub Network: the Preliminary Requirements Document. [20 PeM](R/PP).  

D4.2 mth 24

Global Multi-Hub Network Design Document, including both a technical design component and an institutional design component. [20 PeM](R/PP)


Milestones (brief description) and month of delivery:





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