Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life

WP 2

Workpackage 2: Engagement with scientific users and partners 

Work package number WP 2 Start date or starting event: Month 1
Work package title Engagement with scientific users and partners
Activity type20 COORD
Participant number 2            
Participant short name BGCI            
Person-months per participant 33            




i) To establish a communication and promotional programme that will provide ongoing communication with the classes of users and disseminate the infrastructure services even more widely than has occurred so far.

ii) To locate and characterise the main classes of external and internal users of Catalogue of Life services, and to engage with each of them, including: - the major global biodiversity portals and biodiversity organisations that utilise the Species 2000 Catalogue of Life services, to review current and potential uses and enhancements. - the substantial number of national portals and programmes, NGOs, and higher education institutes that utilise the services, to review current and potential uses and enhancements. - particular subsets of the 40,000 individuals who make serious use of the services each month to review current and potential uses and enhancements. - the array of commercial organisations that either do use the services, or may be considered likely to do so – for instance in natural product chemistry, in the seed and horticultural services, and the biodiversity image agency trade.

iii) To work with each class of users and partner organisations, to specify a list of possible new or altered services.

iv) To work with the Services Team to select a subset of priority services that are feasible to provide.

v) To work with the Services Team to test and then launch the selected new services.


Description of work


Test, establish and operate user and partner communication platforms designed to inform on progress,

-stimulate engagement and promote the Species 2000 Catalogue of Life, through a quarterly e-bulletin (that will include information on new services),
- workshops and events (to which major institutional and potential users are invited).  

A renewed analysis of the main classes of external and internal users, including: - current and potential users, to analyse changes over the last 5 years, the potential for retaining them, and for engaging additional users. 

- geographical distribution of users, to analyse changes over 5 years, and likely change in the future,

- uses to which the CoL is put, how this changed over five years, and is likely to change in the future.

Task 2.3

Engagement with the different classes of users to generate a prioritised list of:

-proposals as to how the current user-interface and web-services might be enhanced,

-proposals for completely new educational and popular services, including mobile device services,

-proposals for completely new technical services, including further web-services. 

Task 2.4

To work with the Services Team to conduct a triage for which priority services are feasible, taking into account data supply (WP 3), software alterations cost (WP 6) and sustainability (WP 5).  

Task 2.5

To assist in beta testing and public launch of two batches of new services once they are implemented.




D2.1 mth 6,12,18,24,30.36     

Rolling deliverable. Six-monthly e-bulletin. [8 PeM] (O, PU)  

D2.2 mth 11     

User-driven proposals for new services for each class of users. [10 PeM] (R,Re)    (to include educational, popular, technical and electronic, as well as internal services)

D2.3 mth 34     

Report on new services tested with users and ready for launch [15 PeM](R, PP)




M2.1 mth 11    

Analysis of Use and User classes for the Catalogue of Life.

M2.2 mth 24    

Ongoing outreach policy implemented




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