Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life

WP 1

Workpackage 1: Management of the Consortium



Work package number WP 1 Start date or starting event: Month 1
Work package title Management of the Consortium
Activity type MGT
Participant number 1            
Participant short name UR            
Person-months per participant 26            




i) To establish and manage the consortium

ii) To manage delivery and reporting of the project tasks and deliverables for the consortium.

iii) To administer the community financial contribution for the consortium.

iv) To manage the audit for the consortium.

v) To participate in the Commission’s Concertation and Dissemination programmes.


Description of work (possibly broken down into tasks) and role of partners: 


Task 1.1

Establish the 4D4Life project web-site and its links to the Catalogue of Life.

Task 1.2

Establish and administer a Management Committee to manage, monitor and report the progression of the project tasks, the completion of milestones and deliverables, and compliance with the grant agreement.  

Task 1.3

Review the reports on tasks, and the achievement Project Milestones and Deliverables prior to transmitting them to the Commission for the Consortium.

Task 1.4

Manage the keeping of records and financial accounts, and the receipt, claiming and distribution of funds to beneficiaries at the start, each year, and at the close of the project.  

Task 1.5

Prepare and submit the periodic Management Reports, and the Final Report.

Task 1.6

Concertation: The project will actively participate in joint activities and meetings related to the Commission’s e-Infrastructures Programme and other related areas, including the participation and contribution to relevant working groups established under the above initiative. The objective of the concertation activity is to optimise synergies between projects and the collective impact and value of the Programme.

Task 1.7

Dissemination: The project will provide input for relevant European Commission initiated dissemination activities (e.g. press releases, news bulletins, brochures, success stories, posters, web-based publications, multimedia material etc.). In this context the project’s dissemination messages will also reflect its broader societal and economic impact. The project’s dissemination material in relation to the above goal will be regularly updated in deliverable D1.1.


Deliverables (brief description) and month of delivery:


D1.1 mth 5  

Launch the 4D4Life project web-site at www.4D4Life.eu and update regularly. [1 PeM] (D/PU)

D1.2 mth 14

First Periodic Management Report of Networking, Services & Joint Research for year 1. [6 PeM]( R/PP)

D1.3 mth 26

Report on exploitation of the foreground IPR created across the project. [5 PeM] (R/RE)

D1.4 mth 36

Final Report on the 4D4Life enhanced scientific data e-infrastructure. [14 PeM] (R,PU)


Milestones (brief description) and month of delivery


M1.1 mth 6 

Management Committee and full task monitoring in place.




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