Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life


Start-Up meeting

1st Start-Up meeting, 15th - 17th September 2009, Reading.

Day 1, Opening Meeting, 15th September 2009
Location: Geography G05 (Building 49 on campus map)

The Global Multi-Hub Network
(intended for members of Workpackage 4, the Regional Hubs, plus some visitors from the Design Team)

Chair: Yuri Roskov
              WP 4 Foresight Study for geographical extension; the Global Multi-Hub Network

09.00    Welcome & Introductions    Jiri Kvacek

09.15    The Multi-Hub Network in Concept    Frank Bisby

10.00    Outline of Workpackage 4    Jiri Kvacek

10.15    Other roles for Regional Hubs – as Regional Centres    Yuri Roskov

Coffee 10.30 – 11.00

    Regional Hubs: Present Plans, Needs, Concepts

11.00    China         Liqiang Ji
11.20    New Zealand        Jerry Cooper
11.40    Brazil        Vanderlei Canhos
12.00    North America        Tom Orrell
12.20    Australia        Greg Whitbread
12.40    Europe        Thierry Bourgoin

Lunch at campus venues 13.00 – 14.30

Chair: Alex Hardisty
    Discussion & Planning

14.30    Taxonomic Discussion: a variety of needs?

15.15    IT Discussion: a variety of possible architectures?

Tea 16.00 – 16.30

16.30    Preparing a Preliminary Requirements Document (for April 2010)    Jirina Daskova
16.45    Preparing a Network Design Document (for April 2011)     Petr Danes

17.00    Discussion: Planning the work
    Next Workshop: Faro, March 2010?
17.15    Finish

Day 2, Opening Meeting, 16th September 2009
Location: Chemistry Lecture Theatre LTG  (Building 6 on campus map)

Plenary Session
(intended for all partners in all Workpackages of the project)

Chair: Peter Schalk

09.00         Welcome & Introductions    

09.10    4D4Life and the European biodiversity landscape    Frank Bisby

    Networking Workpackages

09.30    WP 2 Engagement with scientific users and partners    Sara Oldfield & Suzanne Sharrock

10.00    WP 3 Strengthening the GSD network: a virtual community    Thierry Bourgoin & Jan Van Tol

10.30    WP 4 Foresight Study for geographical extension: the Global Multi-Hub Network    Jiri Kvacek

Coffee 11.00

    Catalogue of Life Services Workpackage

11.30    WP 5 Scientific Services of the Catalogue of Life    Frank Bisby & Yuri Roskov


Lunch at campus venues 12.45 – 14.00

Chair: Hendrik Segers

    Improved Software & Systems Workpackages
14.00    WP 6 Software Support Services    Peter Schalk and Wouter Addink

14.30    WP 7 New Service-based Architecture    Richard White and Alex Hardisty

15.00    Photograph

Tea 15.15 – 15.45


15.45    Design Team, Services Team, Timetable, Operating Procedures, Annual Reviews

16.15    Discussion
    Next project Meeting: Faro, March 2010.
17.15    Finish

Evening    Workshop Dinner 19.00

Day 3, Opening Meeting, 17th September 2009
Location: Geography G05         (Building 49 on campus map)

The GSD Network
(intended for all GSDs and other content databases contributing to the CoL,
that is members of Workpackage 3 and others)

Chair: Alex Hardisty
        Pre-Meeting with the Design Team: the proposed new Base Schema
08.30    Introduction to the Base Schema concept for WP 3 members
08.50    Input needed from GSD members to achieve a good Base Schema.
09.00    Short Discussion

Coffee  09.30 – 10.30

Chair: Christoph Haeuser
    Main WP 3 Meeting – the Strengthening the GSD Network
10.00    Welcome & Introductions (particularly to the GSD Custodians)    David Ouvrard

10.10    WP 3 Strengthening the GSD’s    Thierry Bourgoin

    i) Re-assessment and certification of GSDs

    ii) Network Discussion Document
          (including changes to Data Standard & Best Practice Document)
    iii) Consultation with GSDs and Pilot Projects to be specified

11.00    The Role of Nomenclators    Jan Van Tol & Ellinor Michel

11.30    Ideas for additional fields (for agreement in March 2010)

12.00    Ideas for content enhancements (for agreement in March 2010)

Lunch at campus venues 12.30 – 14.00

Chair: Jan van Tol
14.00    Tour de table: all GSD’s – ideas! comment! (2 minutes each GSD)

15.45    Timetable and detail
    Next Workshop: Faro, March 2010?

16.00    Finish

Tea 16.00 – 16.30
16.15    Taxis to i) Reading Train Station/Airport Bus, ii) Heathrow Airport (direct)