Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life

Partners Meeting

4D4Life Final Partners Meeting - 27 March 2012

University of Reading (Chemistry Bldg, room LTG)


Opening session: Chair - Dr Richard White

9.00         Welcome & Introductory remarks (PowerPoint, <1mb) Dr Alistair Culham
9.15 4D4Life – summarising our achievements (PowerPoint, 1mb) Dr Thierry Bourgoin
9.45 WP1 Management of the Consortium (PowerPoint, <1mb) Dr Alastair Culham
10.00 WP2 Engagement of Scientific Users and partners (PowerPoint, 2mb) Sara Oldfield
10.15 WP3 Strengthening the GSD network – overview (PDF, 2mb) Dr David Ouvrard
10.30 Developing the GSD databases:  

- contribution of WoRMS (PowerPoint, 9mb)

Ward Appeltans
  - contribution of LIAS and MELnet (PDF, 2mb) Dagmar Triebel
  - the GSD kit (PDF, 5mb) Adeline Soulier-Perkins

Second session: Chair – Sara Oldfield

11.30 WP4 The global multi-hub network (PowerPoint, <1mb) Dr Jiri Kvacek
11.45 WP5 Scientific Services of the CoL (PowerPoint, 8mb) Dr Yuri Roskov
12.00 WP6 Software Support Services (PowerPoint, 5mb) Wouter Addink
12.15 WP7 New Service-based Architecture (PowerPoint, 1mb) Dr Richard White
12.30 Lunch  

Afternoon session: Chair – Dr Alistair Culham

14.00 4D4Life – the legacy and next steps (PowerPoint, <1mb) Dr Peter Schalk
14.15 Data infrastructure challenges, synergy and integration (PowerPoint, 2mb) Alex Hardisty
14:45 WP4 multi-hub pilot project (PowerPoint, 6mb)  Dr Liqiang Ji