Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life


4D4Life 2nd Project Meeting, Faro, Portugal

project partners in Faro

Day 1, Tuesday 16th February 2010
Location: Dona Filipa Hotel Meeting Room

9.00 – 9.10 Welcome and adoption of agenda
9.10 – 9.30 Minutes from previous meeting
9.30 – 9.40 Multi-hub Introduction
9.40 – 10.00 Presentations of regional hub databases, their structures and functionality:

10. 00-12.00 Multi-hub service model of the Catalogue of Life:

  • Network configuration/architecture (diagrams and comments)
  • Multi-connected star
  • Hub and spoke

10.30-11.00 Coffee Break

Data (supply and format) wrappers (SPICE)
Options and architectures:

  • Taxon & Name Data - quality
  • Filter inbound to data warehouse
  • Filter outbound from data warehouse

12.00-13.00 Multi-hub service - questions and problems

  • CoL Multi-hub questions
  • Internal overlapping
  • Definition of geographical boundaries (degree of detail of recorded (cashed) locality, continent, country, site)
  • Extra-boundary species
  • Unified style checklist for regions
  • Meaning and depth of synonym searches
  • Differences and unification of regional taxonomies
  • Types of queries (Booleans)  (queries based on master list)
  • Queries based on presence x absence of the taxon in CoL

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-14.15 Discussion about requirements for e-2 architecture (Richard White WP 7)

14.15-15.15 Building an ideal regional centre
A.    Data collecting & networking
B.    Data dissemination & publicity
C.    Education
D.    Fund raising

15.15-16.00 Multi-hub service - Discussion

16.00-17.00 Task 4.1 viz annex deliverable!! For EU commission
Needs, concepts and specification - Questions, Discussion
(Discuss which Pilot project we should start) China – already decided
Preliminary Plan + time table for extension of Multi-Hub Network for the World

Day 2, Wednesday 17th February 2010
Location: Dona Filipa Hotel Meeting Room

Plenary Agenda
(intended for all participants of 4D4Life Project)

9.00    Welcome & Introductions    FB
9.10    Progress in 4D4Life    FB

9.30    WP2: Analysis of Catalogue of Life Usage and Users    SO & MJ
10.00    WP2: Proposed new CoL services and prioritisation    SO & MJ

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00    Discussion: Usage: Users: Services: Priorities    FB
11.30    WP3: Compliance Survey and Proposed Pilot-Projects    TB & DO
12.00    WP4: First steps in planning the Global Multi-Hub Network    JK & FB

12.30 Lunch

14.00    Consortium Meeting & Membership of Species 2000    FB
15.00 Coffee Break
15.30    WP5: 2010 Checklist and Steps to Unified Production    YR
16.00    WP6: Progress with enhancement of existing software    WA
16.30    WP7: Planning with new service-based architecture    RW
17.00    End of Plenary Session

Day 3, Thursday 18th February 2010
Location: Dona Filipa Hotel Meeting Room

WP3 Workshop: The GSD Network
(intended for all GSDs and other content databases contributing to the CoL,
that is members of Workpackage 3 and others)

Introduction and Principal Tasks for the day
09.00    Welcome & Introductions    TB & DO
09.05    Reminder: WP3 objectives and Tasks 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3    TB
09.15    Introduction: Survey of provider GSD Compliance    TB & DO
Databases Peer-reviews, Certification, Wrapper & Sp2000 membership
09.45    Introduction: Additional Fields for the Standard Data Set    DO
10.00    Introduction: Additional Data Supply requests from the Services Team    SO
10.15    Reminder: overview of the Standard Data Set    TB

10:30 Coffee Break

Core Planning on GSD Compliance and GSD Pilot-Projects

11.00    Survey of provider GSDs. Full report on levels of compliance with:
        a) Standard Data Set and
        b) Best Practice Document    TB & DO
11.45    Pilot Projects
       Identified Priorities
       Full Listing of Proposed Pilot Projects for GSDs    TB & DO

12:30 Lunch

Further Discussion on GSD Compliance and GSD Pilot-Projects
14:00    Continuing Discussion on Compliance    TB & DO
14.30    Continuing Discussion on Pilot-Projects and Agreed expenditure on these    TB & DO

15:00 Coffee Break

Consultation on other matters
15.30    Internal service supply issues
(e.g. name-alerts, comments from users, taxa from regional hubs, cross-checks with other lists, and unassigned name batches)    TB & DO
16.00    Review of Standard Data Set documentation    TB & DO
16.30    Summary of agreed actions and timetable.    TB
17:00    End of WP3 Workshop Session